About Us

about Quadrou Solutions


Our Mission is to provide top tier quality suppliers while maintaining the highest levels of customer service and transparency

  • QUADROU is a sourcing-management company that deals directly with overseas manufacturers, primarily in India. However, we do not work for our suppliers, we work for our U.S & Canadian customers. We put all of our engineering expertise and experience to work for you to ensure all your requirements are met.

  • We assist customers from the very initial stage of inception of an enquiry to the final shipment.

  • We are quick to develop and improve our services according to our customer’s requirements. We are proud of the work and business we do. We have the skills, knowledge and intuition to do the right thing and most importantly; we deliver on our promises.

Quadrou base fundamentals

  • Always looking to expand the services we offer

  • Welcome opportunities to discuss sourcing projects from any industry seeking overseas outsourcing

  • Skilled engineering and technical personnel providing effective solution