Quadrou Solutions - Global Partner for Strategic Sourcing

We Source the best quality products and provide excellent quality service.

Quadrou Solutions is a sourcing management company that specializes in providing solutions to customers’ needs from a product material selection, manufacturing techniques and control, engineering solution for custom designs that satisfy customers design, quality and within a defined budget. We assist our clients from the initial stage of inception of an enquiry to the final shipment. Quadrou is an effective solution to providing high quality time efficient product with a price that can provide clients a competitive edge. We have developed and nurtured relationships with a large number of qualified, quality conscious offshore suppliers. Committed to selecting the best supplier to meet your needs, Our promise is to maintain the quality of our services through continual assessment of our suppliers and the products they supply.

Quadrou’s Strength

  • Wide and well established Supplier network

  • Well educated, productive and hardworking team with a problem-solving approach

  • Developed strong Buyer-Seller relationships

  • Loyalty & commitment to services

  • High degree of competitiveness regarding Price, Quality and Reliability

  • Concise and Timely Communication